“What is lazy punk?” – One of many concepts sought through the work of WHAT WOULD TILDA SWINTON DO, the NYC-based art rock/dance punk band with origins in Central Europe and ties to three other countries. Conceived by Austrian-American vocalist, artist and actress Suzie Léger, the band strives to connect to those who fall between the cracks of the city’s musical underground.

Formed in 2016 directly and indirectly through a Craigslist ad, Suzie and the rest of the band – Italian drummer, singer-songwriter, and actor Tania Kass, Massachusetts-born guitarist/synth player Tom Fiset, and Brooklyn-born bassist Jason Smith – create music that veers from sensual  minimalism (“Apple Tree”) to hard-rocking power anthems (Bikerbraut).

In summer 2018, the band put out it’s first two large scale works: it’s first music video, the whimsically erotic dreams of an artist in love with a motorcycle heroine for the song “Bikerbraut”, and it’s self-titled debut EP, accompanied by a packed show at the Bowery Electric, described by NEW STAND as “… a sample platter of punk rock à la Patti Smith that has all the parts of a fully-realized manifesto, one diligently fixated on female autonomy, power, and desire.” The band followed this up in the fall with the creation of Hush Hush Parlor, a DIY art concert series similar to SoFar Sounds showcasing music videos and other media art works, performance arts, and the atypical stripped down band performance.

Not the type to slow down, in 2019 the band released three singles (including “Liebesrausch”, the band’s frantic take on Disco punk in German that’s been playing on Radio FM 4 in Austria since February) and a series of live videos involving the band “covering” its own material in different styles. Furthermore, August brought the arrival of the second music video for the song “Kill” premiered on V Magazine with an interview about the group’s take on their place in the NYC music scene. Fall brought the release of the group’s latest single – a melancholic yet visceral echo of the summer anthem in Waves, Waves – and the WOMXN ART PUNK FEST No Voice Hush’d. No Voice Hush’d is a showcase of female-identified artists in punk rock, performance art and poetry. Their works are united by their creation from a non-male perspective and all ticket sales went towards the ACLU to fight against abortion restrictions.

Suzie puts it another way (as described by StageBiz): “… Online dating isn’t doing it for us, so we make music instead.”

As described by others:
“It’s almost as if you took the vocals of Heart’s Nancy Wilson, or Blondie’s Debbie Harry, and combined that with the musicality of Hole…”

“What Would Tilda Swinton Do is an ode to the underground, to the spirit of hedonism and to the irrepressible urge to push conventional boundaries. “ — STAGEBIZ





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